Temperature Control

Growing cannabis has multiple ways to be doneWith that being said, there are multiple ways to either help the growing process or hurt the process. Unlike animals and humans, a marijuana plant is entirely dependent on its environment. Marijuana plants won't usually die from being too hot, but their growth can slow from it. Like all plants, cannabis likes comfortable temperatures. For most grows, the ideal temperature range is between 65-80°F (18-26°C). Keeping temperatures within this range helps maximize plant growth and development and contributes to large and healthy buds.

There are many types of temperature controllers growers can use to control their environment. The most common of which are HVAC systems, air conditioners, heat pumps, high-velocity fans, and heating pipes carrying heated or chilled water. Temperature control is one of the most basic aspects of controlled environment cultivation. It also affects and is affected by other parameters, such as lighting and humidity. This is why temperature control is at the center of most grow room climate control systems. Temperature and humidity are especially closely tied, directly affecting each other. So it’s virtually impossible to discuss temperature control without considering humidity. 

While the ideal humidity range plays a major impact on development, it’s not the only reason to control humidity. Perhaps the biggest issue with humidity is mold. The most common of which are bud rot (also known as gray mold or botrytis) and powdery mildew. This mildew can devastate any cannabis grow or stop the whole operation itself. This would cost the grower time and money trying to scrub and disinfect all areas to ensure there are no more spores. Given the right conditions, they can spread rapidly, infecting large amounts of plants. Once infected with these fungal diseases, plants will grow slower, and may eventually shrivel and die.

However, when it comes to cannabis, preventing molds is even more crucial. The cannabis industry has strict regulations, both for medical and recreational products. So growers are extremely limited in the amount and types of sprays they can use to combat these diseases. On the other hand, there are strict limitations on the presence of molds. So cannabis growers are left with one option – to prevent molds from developing in the first place. Luckily, these diseases can’t develop in any situation. They require high humidity or even dew point condensation to do so. If you can successfully limit humidity levels at all times, they won’t be able to develop or spread at all.

dank seeds THE ROOTS

The story of Dank Seeds has quietly unfolded over the course of many years, revealing a history that reaches back well over a decade. The founder's path led to Colorado, where a deep-seated ambition to make a mark in the Marijuana Industry took root. Yet, as many quickly realize, success is not immediate nor effortless. The journey was one marked by years of resilience, forging relationships, facing trials, and overcoming tribulations, all of which ultimately brought Dank Seeds into the spotlight.

The road, though challenging, was also illuminated by numerous triumphs that fueled an unwavering determination to persist even in the face of many challenges. Through the years in the cannabis industry, the connections forged not only enriched our understanding and methodology but also contributed significantly to the diverse genetics that now define Dank Seeds.

As those familiar with the intricacies of the marijuana industry are aware, the closest associates are often the ones with whom we share the most valuable insights, cuttings, and seeds. Within this tight-knit community, painstaking efforts were undertaken to meticulously examine phenotypes. This process involved identifying and selecting the finest attributes ranging from yield and potency to disease resistance and vigor. Those cultivars selected over years are what is used for dank genetics production.

This methodical journey, spanning years of meticulous data collection and analysis, brings us to the present reality we know as Dank Seeds. It is the culmination of unrelenting dedication, hard-earned wisdom, and an unparalleled commitment to craft the epitome of feminized marijuana seeds. With open arms, we welcome you to step into the world of Dank Seeds, where excellence borne from years of laborious but rewarding work awaits.

The pages of our history are intertwined with a passion that refuses to waver, resulting in the creation of the finest in cannabis genetics. Here, in the WORLD of dank, you'll find the manifestation of perseverance, innovation, and a legacy rooted deeply in the foundations of the cannabis industry.

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