What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds whose genetics have been engineered to become female marijuana plants. Here at Dank, we have a 99.9% efficiency in doing so. These female seeds are preferred by cannabis growers over their male counterparts. The female marijuana plant is what flowers and where all the vital cannabinoids are found.   

Are Feminized Strains Right for You? 

The answer is, yes. Feminized strains of marijuana are generally sought-after by recreational growers. Female marijuana plants produce smokable buds whereas males produce pollen which lead to seed production in the female flowering marijuana plant. Having just one male marijuana plant in your crop can cause all your female marijuana plants to produce seed. This will lead to less potent buds full of seed which nobody wants. Starting with feminized seed means you end up with female marijuana plants. So, for all the weed smokers that are looking for a strain that takes the edge off or helps to alleviate psychologically or medical related symptoms, buy feminized cannabis seeds here.

Growing Feminized Seeds: The Breakdown

Below are important factors in cultivating feminized weed seeds:  

1. LIGHT:  

a. Indoors –  If you elect to grow your female cannabis seeds indoors, it is crucial to consider the schedule of light and darkness to nurture the plant. During the vegetative stage, we suggest 18 hours of light. This will keep your ganja plant in a vegetative state. Once the marijuana plants have grown to the desired size considering your growth plan decrease light exposure to twelve hours and darkness for twelve hours. The long period of darkness will emulate light conditions of the fall season, which will force them to begin flowering. 

b. Outdoors – When planting the feminized seed outdoors, we suggest planting in the Spring for an Autumn harvest. Coupled with an ideal climate, this method will help your plants thrive. Starting the cannabis seed indoors in a greenhouse prior to the spring will give you a jump on growth. Making sure you have a bountiful harvest.    


a. Temperature – Overall, cannabis seeds that are feminized respond best at a temperature of approximately seventy-five degrees. In the vegetative state, slightly higher temperatures are more desired while in the flowering phase a little lower is the case. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold may lead to little or slowed growth and several other issues that will ultimately prevent a bountiful harvest.  

b. Humidity – The humidity level for idyllic growth will fluctuate at each stage of the plant’s growth. As the feminized seedling starts to grow, the recommended humidity level decreases. At the beginning as a seed and through the vegetative stage, marijuana plants thrive in high levels of humidity. However, as the cannabis crop begins to flower, environments of high humidity expose the plant to the risk of mold. Once the marijuana flower can be seen, we suggest that humidity levels are lessened to no more than fifty percent, while maintaining a minimum of forty percent (40-50%).  


When selecting the earth or alternative growing media in which you will plant marijuana, the choice or creation of soil will have a large impact on the success of your cannabis plant. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the soil or media for your crop. Each type of soil contains a different makeup of elements. This overall makeup will dictate how well your feminized cannabis seed will respond once planted into it. Optimal soil for cannabis growth drains well, aerates well, and is packed with nutrients. We will discuss this important decision in another article.  


Nutrients seem to be a big part of the cannabis-growing conversation. Remember, however, genetics is king, and no nutrients or perfect environment can help a seed of bad quality. Once you have decided on a premium seed (like those here at Dank), and the soil you will plant in, nutrients should be the next focus. Because this is an intricate topic, we will discuss nutrients as they relate to growing pot in another article and will link it HERE.  

5. HYDRATION:  Keeping your feminized cannabis plant hydrated – that is watered – appropriately is harder than it sounds. There are many factors to be considered with hydrating your crop. While there is no exact scientific method in watering a marijuana plant, there are several things that must be taken into account:  

• The need for hydration is relative to the life stage the cannabis plant is in and will vary.  

• The soil you’ve selected, and its draining abilities will determine how watering is performed.  

• The vessel in which you are cultivating the cannabis will dictate how you water the plant.  

• The temperature and intensity of the light source play a role in hydration.  

• The overall health of the plant as it grows also plays a factor in watering decisions & methods.  

Improper watering of your marijuana may redirect the inherent benefits of the plant and undo the calculations of other environmental factors. There are visual signals when the plant is thirsty and other measures that may be taken to best water your cannabis plant. We will discuss all of the intricacies of this topic in another article, which will be found in the seed bank of knowledge.

dank seeds THE ROOTS

The story of Dank Seeds has quietly unfolded over the course of many years, revealing a history that reaches back well over a decade. The founder's path led to Colorado, where a deep-seated ambition to make a mark in the Marijuana Industry took root. Yet, as many quickly realize, success is not immediate nor effortless. The journey was one marked by years of resilience, forging relationships, facing trials, and overcoming tribulations, all of which ultimately brought Dank Seeds into the spotlight.

The road, though challenging, was also illuminated by numerous triumphs that fueled an unwavering determination to persist even in the face of many challenges. Through the years in the cannabis industry, the connections forged not only enriched our understanding and methodology but also contributed significantly to the diverse genetics that now define Dank Seeds.

As those familiar with the intricacies of the marijuana industry are aware, the closest associates are often the ones with whom we share the most valuable insights, cuttings, and seeds. Within this tight-knit community, painstaking efforts were undertaken to meticulously examine phenotypes. This process involved identifying and selecting the finest attributes ranging from yield and potency to disease resistance and vigor. Those cultivars selected over years are what is used for dank genetics production.

This methodical journey, spanning years of meticulous data collection and analysis, brings us to the present reality we know as Dank Seeds. It is the culmination of unrelenting dedication, hard-earned wisdom, and an unparalleled commitment to craft the epitome of feminized marijuana seeds. With open arms, we welcome you to step into the world of Dank Seeds, where excellence borne from years of laborious but rewarding work awaits.

The pages of our history are intertwined with a passion that refuses to waver, resulting in the creation of the finest in cannabis genetics. Here, in the WORLD of dank, you'll find the manifestation of perseverance, innovation, and a legacy rooted deeply in the foundations of the cannabis industry.

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