How is cannabis connecting major companies together

With a need for education, most of the medical marijuana operators have formed an association creating a more unified, thriving medical marijuana industry. Members of the newly minted Florida Medical Marijuana Trade Association include some of the state’s biggest cannabis operators. The group’s president, Chris Ferguson, is a former director of the state Office of Medical Marijuana Use. He is now the vice president of Verano Holdings, which operates in Florida as MuV.

The team goal is to foster a thriving medical marijuana industry. Ferguson told The News Service of Florida in an interview. Companies that have joined the group include The Cannabist Company, Verano, AYR Wellness, Curaleaf, Fluent and more. The association said in a news release. One of the biggest operators in the state, Trulieve, has expressed no interest in what the association has in mind.

Along with Ferguson, the association tapped Shamarial Roberson, a former deputy secretary at the Department of Health, to serve as executive director. Roberson said the association will advocate for “research and advancement” on the medical marijuana front.“There’s a need for a coordinated effort on medical marijuana to look for those options for research,” Roberson said. “Having a trade association helps to push out the message to make sure education is there.”

The association’s creation came as cannabis investors anxiously await a decision from the Florida Court about a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana for people aged 21 and older. With that way down the horizon, It's said that if the bill passes this year the number of cannabis operators in the state would nearly double! That would be a positive benefit for the patients and users of the state of Florida.

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